General Maintenance Instructions


General Garage Door Maintenance

Door and Hardware:
Lubricate rollers with oil
Lubricate hinges with aerosol spray lube
Check all fasteners and tighten as necessary
Check print on door sections for wear
Check glazing bead (if used) for fit and function
Check general operation of doors for overall function inspect trussing, if used, for damage and tighten all fasteners as required

Check tracks for damage and replace as required
Tighten all fasteners as required
Check back hang for rigidity and tighten all fasteners
Check pull down ropes for wear and replace as required

Spring assembly:
Inspect cables for signs of wear, replace as required
Inspect drums for signs of wear, replace as required
Check door balance, if motor operated disengage motor operator, per the manufactures instructions and operate the door manually
If spring adjustment is required, contact an experienced garage door installer
Never attempt spring adjustment unless you are experienced in door installation, severe injury could result
Check all fasteners for tightness
Lubricate springs with an aerosol type spray lube or a light film of Oil

Make sure all original warning tags and stickers are still in place and legible
Inspect perimeter seals for wear and repair or replace as necessary
If the door is electrically operated refer to the manufacturers instructions for maintenance

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